We are the official coalition of 14 Republicans elected to the Senate of Maryland.  Representing every corner of the State, we are committed to supporting Governor Larry Hogan.  Hand in hand, we have helped:


  • Create over 100,000 jobs in over two years

  • Fight for Maryland’s small businesses

  • Fund K-12 education at record levels

  • Cut taxes for retirees

  • Reduce tolls and fees statewide

  • Repeal the Rain Tax and the Road Kill Bill

  • Pass comprehensive state ethics reform

  • Turn the tide in the battle against opioid abuse

  • Reignite the fight to end partisan “gerrymandering”


There is still much work to be done.  Governor Hogan has been working tirelessly to change Maryland, but too many opposing forces in the Maryland Senate have tried time and time again to tie his hands.  We need your help in 2018 to bring more Hogan allies to the legislature so we can continue to move Maryland forward and create to true two-party state!

Maryland Senate Republican Caucus